How To Care For And Maintain Your Cowboy Boots

Everyone wants to feel the grandeur of walking in a pair of exotic leather boots that manifests their fashion sense and class at first glance. Most psychologists claim that shoes are the first thing that people notice when you walk in a room. Undoubtedly, when you walk in a room wearing cowboy boots made up of delicate leather, you will reflect a different class. Buying a pair of exotic cowboy boots is synonymous with making a lifetime investment. A fine pair of boots comes with the cost of high maintenance and care along with the monetary price. Maintain cowboy boots with class by using the best products so that their grandeur never fades. Leather is a really long-lasting material and doesn’t get weary compared to other materials. However, if you leave your leather boots unattended without properly taking care of them, it loses its finishing and ultimately catches dirt. 

We at Great Boot Store are here to take you out of this trouble. We share the best ways to clean and maintain cowboy boots. Keep reading to know the best products in store for taking care of your cowboy boots:


Maintain your Tony Lama collection: 

If you just added Tony Lama handcrafted boots to your shoe collection, you must be excited to wear them at your grand events. In this excitement, don’t forget to take care of this masterpiece as it deserves. Tony Lama is the world’s finest cowboy boot brand; however, you need to maintain it by following some helpful tips for leather boots.

How To Care For And Maintain Your Cowboy Boots Tony Lama


Must-have products for maintaining your exotic boots:

You spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on your handcrafted leather boots. Why care so much when you have to pay a little to maintain cowboy boots? We at the Great Boot Store bring you the best leather maintenance products at the most affordable prices. 

Take a look at our accessories collection and find the best leather conditioners and oils to give your cowboy boots a forever new look. 


 Huberd’s Shoe Grease

Add years to your boot’s life by giving them a touch of superior quality beeswax treatment. It revitalizes your leather with its conditioning properties. It preserves the leather boots from dry weather conditions as it contains essential oils. Its water-resistant properties help protect the leather from water damage. 



It has unique properties of coloring and nourishing the leather to reveal the best supple effects. It is waterproof and gives softening effects when applied to your exotic boots. 




This fantastic product rejuvenates your leather boots by giving it a soft and velvety feel. It is the best product to maintain cowboy boots.


Rejuvenate your leather boots with these tips:

Cowboy boots using exotic skins such as lizard, alligator, ostrich, etc. need extra care and maintenance. These cowboy boots are maintained with high-quality leather conditioners, so don’t ruin them using just any leather conditioner. Reveal the true beauty of your leather boots by following tips to maintain cowboy boots:

1- Get rid of the dirt:

Wiping the dust off of your exotic boots is the first step in revitalizing your Tony Lama. Using a horse-hair brush is preferred for getting rid of dust that settles in the crevices and creases. Fiebing’s Leather Lotion is the best wax-free product you can use on your exotic boots for safely cleaning them. It protects the leather by removing all the dirt deeply from the crevices. Take a look at the weather conditions as these cleaning habits need to change with weather changes. Dry weather calls for more cleaning and care of your exotic boots.

2- Bring that shine back with leather conditioner:

Buying a leather conditioner with your leather boots is mandatory. A high- quality leather conditioner doesn’t cost you a fortune but will surely be the best thing for your boots’ fortune. Leather conditioner lubricates, protects, and enhances the quality and appearance of your exotic boots. You can choose to use only leather conditioners such as Huberd’s Shoe Grease, Cadillac Leather Balm, and Four Seasons Leather Restorer quarts. Check out the products at


For best coloring, effects use conditioning oils such as Angelus Neats foot oil and Angelus Mink Oil. 


If it is your first time using leather conditioners, follow the steps below:


1. First, make sure that your boots are appropriately cleaned, and there is no dirt in the creases.

2. Dispense a sizeable amount of leather conditioner onto a lint-free cloth (don’t apply directly to the boot surface)

3. Follow the second step only on a small patch of your boots to test the results. You can see the results in an hour or so and then decide if you can use the product on your entire cowboy boots. 


4. Rub the cloth gently on the panels and sections of the boots in a circular motion for the product to show the best results.

5. Use another clean and dry cloth to buff it.

That’s how you can maintain cowboy boots in just five simple steps. 

Additional tips for your boots:


Take a look at the weather conditions for knowing how much care your exotic boots need. The frequency of your cleaning and conditioning of your Tony Lama boots depends on the climate conditions. Dry weather demands extra care and protection of your exotic boots, so you need to clean them properly and condition them at least once in a couple of months. On the contrary, it will be enough for you to clean them once or twice a year during humid weather. 


3- Repair and resole your boots:


If your cowboy boots need repairing or resoling, don’t wait until the last minute to get them fixed. Spending a few bucks on repairing and resoling can save you from the trouble of giving away your favorite boots. Repairing and resoling from the right place is a crucial tip to maintain cowboy boots. Resoling your exotic boots right in time not only extends their life but also gives you a comfortable feel.