Wilkins Speedy Dual Wipes | Pack Shoe Care for Quick Cleaning


Wilkins Speedy Dual Wipes | Pack Shoe Care for Quick Cleaning 

Speedy Dual Wipes from Wilkins is a dual-textured convenient wipe for cleaning your dirty sneaker, shoe and bag. Can use with leather, fabric, synthetic fibers and canvas. Speedy Dual Wipes are specifically designed for individual who need a premium cleaning product that can fit in the palm of their hand. A new solution for your shoe cleaning even when you are in a rush. Whether you are travelling to some far away destination or just rushing to the important date. Just bring Speedy Dual Wipes with you "On the Go" to clean your shoe anywhere and anytime. Easy to use just tear and wipe the dirt off. Use the soft side (white side) for general cleaning. Use the rough side (raised blue dots) for tough stains. Save pack 15 individual sachet of disposable wipe come with a dispenser box for fresh start daily.

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