Vibram Sole Factor #1249 Mister Tank Sole - One Pair


 Vibram Sole Factor #1249 Mister Tank Sole - One Pair 

The Mister Tank is a nice blend of Carrarmato heritage meets new age recycled sole design. It is manufactured using our EcoStep compound, which offers a nice blend of recycled components from our company scrap rubber, and makes it a bit lighter weight as well. Great sole for a boot that you want to lighten up and make a bit more hip! ECOSTEP -Made from a minimum of 30% recycled rubber -High-quality compound formulation -Embodies Vibram’s dedication to environmental conservation

  • Made with the quality is known and trusted.
  • Adds extra lift and cushion for the entire length of the foot when you cut to fit.
  • Use to repair worn out soles for longer shoe life.
  • Has great surface traction and minimum build up.


Color: Ecostep

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