Vaught's Best

Vaught's Best | Leather Cream Conditioner


Vaught's Best | Leather Cream Conditioner 

Enriched with premium seed oil, this dressing absorbs deep into the leather to replenish moisture and regain natural luster. The addition of triple-filtered beeswax creates a water-resistant barrier. Use our leather conditioner on a regular basis to keep your shoes, bags, holsters, wallets, belts, & more looking as new and pristine as the day you bought them.

  • All-in-one leather dressing, conditioner, softener, & restorer
  • Fortified with natural seed oils and beeswax
  • Smooth texture, easy to apply with your fingers or soft cloth. Often, a little dab will do it.
  • Non-toxic, pH balanced, neutral color, odorless
  • Sourced and made in the USA
  • Not recommended for suede or nubuck leather

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