Valentino Garemi

Valentino Garemi | Sneaker Cleaning Kit


Valentino Garemi | Sneaker Cleaning Kit

  • Imported
  • 1.75" high
  • 6.75" wide
  • EFFICIENT & POWERFUL SNEAKER CLEANING SET – a beneficial combination of dirt and stains elimination tools, that will impress anyone with its notable results. Developed and offered by Valentino Garemi, this valuable set contains a medium strength cleaning shoe brush, one 3.4 oz organic eco clean solution, a large size cotton cloth and a handy hemp material storage bag.
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY WITH TRADITIONAL DESIGN – the assortment of items gathered to deliver in an efficient, safe and effortless clean mode for all type of materials. Use the natural green cleaning solution and pulverize over the footwear; using the medium strength fiber brush, start gentle to rub the sprayed material till dirt stains or marks will be removed. Using the provided 100% Cotton Cloth, wipe out the residue and surplus cleaner solution and buff till material will semi dry.
  • HIGHLY RECOMMENDED AND ESSENTIAL TO OWN – packed in a convenient wonderful designed box the set of four it’s easy to store around closets or wardrobes. The included storage fabric bag can be hanged and ready to use for numerous times since the consumable cleaning solution will last for long period of time.
  • SAFE TO USE ON ALL LEATHERS & MATERIALS - Can be used on Plimsoll, Slip-on, Classic Canvas Converse, High Top style and may more other shoe types. Intended for use on a array of items and materials without harming or scratching but with amazing outcome.

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