Tobion | Shoe Shine Brush | Kit Shoe Care


Tobion | Shoe Shine Brush | Kit Shoe Care 

TOBION Shoe Shine Kit makes a great gift idea for men and women Excellent quality & Design.

The best quality accessories in shoe shine kits. Each piece designed and crafted to ensure practicality, durability, and function. Keep your shoes clean everyday!

Package including:

  • Premium PU Leather Case*1
  • Polish Applicator Brush*1
  • Buffing Brush*1
  • Buffing Cloth*2
  • Shine Sponges*2
  • Neutral shoe polish cream*1
  • Brown shoe polish cream*1
  • Black shoe polish cream*1
  • Mini Shoe Horn*1
  • Handle brush*1

Step 1-Cleaning:

Remove the laces from your shoes.

Use the brush clean the dirt and debris from your shoes. Debris can be embedded in leather if it is not cleaned off prior to polishing.

Step 2—Shoe polish:

Choose different shoe polish colors according to the color of leather shoes(Black,Brown,  Neutra

--other colors with natural shoe polish).

 Use the sponge brush apply polish evenly to the entire body of the shoe.

Step 3—Shine:

To avoid inconsistent spotting on the leather shoe, please use the polish applicator brush to apply evenly in each gap of the shoe.rub polish deep into the area between the heel & shoe uppers.

Step 4—Buff:

Buff your shoes until they shine: First use the large brush; then use the buffing cloth in a brisk side to side motion for the final shine.

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