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Thick Leather Square (12 x 12 in). for Crafts Tooling Hobby Workshop


Thick Leather Square (12 x 12 in). for Crafts Tooling Hobby Workshop

  • NATURAL DURABLE THICK LEATHER: This split piece of Full Grain Leather is very thick and extremely durable. Perfect for tooling, carving, crafting, making a great addition to your materials for upholstering, arts and crafts, molding, creating your own strop and much more. Great for crafting or reinforcing heavy duty items such as shop aprons, gun holsters, sofas, creating fringes and trims. It can be embossed, stamped, easily cut and molded to your desires.
  • AMPLE SIZE, 5MM THICK AND HEAVY WEIGHT: This piece of leather measures at 12” X 12”, or one square foot. The leather is approximately 5mm thick, or approximately 1/5 of an inch, and weighs in at approximately 10.5 ounces. This leather is thick! It’s the thickest leather square that you will find on Amazon!
  • UNIFORM COLOR: The rich color of the Slate Blue strongly permeates throughout the leather, which is a reliable mark of high-quality, Full Grain Leather. The finish is smooth with a slight sheen.
  • NO HOLES OR QUESTIONABLE MARKS: This leather is the highest in quality that you can find, this isn’t scrap or leftover leather, this is Full Grain, high-quality leather that is cut for with in mind. Any marks that do exist are due to bites, scratches or cuts that the cow endured during its life in the fields.

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