Teliaoils | Leather Conditioner


Teliaoils | Leather Conditioner 

Complete Leather Protection For Every Leather Surface: Smooth Unsightly Cracks And Lines, Moisturize And Keep Any Surfaces Immaculate For Years To Come!

If you’ve got an old leather jacket or a pair of suede boots that have seen better days, do not fret. Teliaoils premium leather conditioner is an all in one leather protection cream, ready to help you make any dehydrated, old looking leather surface looking like new!

Thanks to its special formula, this multi-purpose leather care balm will:

  • Restore luster
  • Preserve moisture & Add suppleness
  • Soften cracks and lines
  • Waterproof
  • Protect from sun, rain, pollution, salt, liquids and water
  • Rehabilitate worn leather

What is more, the conditioner will protect your leather from future damage, allowing you to enjoy your favorite items for much longer!

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