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Tarrago Shoe Cream


Tarrago Shoe Cream 

  • SHOE CREAM: Tarrago’s naturalshoe cream is easy to use and safely cleans and shines leather. The in-depth effect penetrates deep into leather for care andconditioning.
  • NATURAL FORMULA: Tarrago Shoe Cream is a soft and nutritious vegetableoil-based cream without any silicones. It revitalizes dried out or cracked leather.
  • EASY-TO-USE: To use this product, remove surface dust with abrushand laces from shoes. Apply the cream with a brush orclothand spread evenly. Allow at least five minutes todry.
  • HIGH QUALITY: This shoe cream does not affect breathability and providesprotectionagainst harsh elements. Imported from Spain, Tarrago’s Shoe Cream keeps leather shoes andbootsin their best condition.
  • TARRAGO: This brand has developed a high quality shoe and leather care solutions throughout the storied history of the company. Tarrago brings a level of expertise to all aspects of footwear, leather, and shoe manufacturing.
Color: Dark Gray

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