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Solemates | All Weather Protector | Waterproof Leather Protector


Solemates | All Weather Protector | Waterproof Leather Protector 

  • SHOE PROTECTOR BALM – Keep your premium leather products looking brand new by protecting them from rain, sleet, and other troublesome weather conditions. Be the professional you want with the shoes, wallet, and briefcase to match.
  • NATURALLY EFFECTIVE – This shoe protector wax is water proof and acts as a restorer for leather products vulnerable to rain.
  • NON-TOXIC – This boot and briefcase protector is made with beeswax and other all-natural, clean and safe ingredients, keeping it safe for both leather and skin.
  • MADE IN USA – This leather protector is proudly hand-poured in the USA. Produced in the rainy Pacific Northwest, Solemates has the American-made shoe, boots, belt, briefcase, and wallet protector salve you need for the products you use.

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