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Simple Shine | Premium Suede and Leather Dye


Simple Shine | Premium Suede and Leather Dye

COVERS SCUFF MARKS & SCRATCHES: Our Medium Brown Premium Leather and Suede Dye is ultra pigmented to effortlessly cover scuffs and scratches or completely change the color of an item. It is perfect for restoring and reviving shoes, boots, belts, wallets, furniture, auto interiors, coats, jackets and more. It glides on to easily cover blemishes and wear spots, producing instant visible results, making your footwear look new again.

PERMANENTLY CHANGES COLOR TO MEDIUM BROWN: Our rich black formula penetrates deep to restore or change the color of leather and suede footwear and more. Our advanced formula saturates the natural fibers, permanently changing color. Once fully dry, the dye will not rub off or transfer to other items. Our superior formula will not dry the material out or crack and peel. When the item dries, it will remain flexible and supple.

Color: Black

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