Round Leather Knife Doubled Edged Rounded Knife for Leather Crafts by Stamesky SMALL


✔️ Our Rounded, Double Edged Knife is the main tools that you may need for your leather crafts. It can be used for any types of leather cuttings.

✔️ High Quality Blades of our Double Edged Knives are made out of high-carbon steel and are sharpened, polished and ready for you to use them right out of box.

✔️ Cutting Edges of Our Rounded Knives can be used to cut any types of leather materials.

✔️ Eco-Friendly Handle that is made out of hardwood oak and processed with natural linseed oil. Our handle design will allow you to work long hours without any discomfort.

✔️ Great Gift Idea for professional in leather industry or for beginners that are just trying to learn how to create leather handmade craft.


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