Rotary Leather Hole Punch - Heavy Duty Hole Puncher for Belts


Rotary Leather Hole Punch - Heavy Duty Hole Puncher for Belts, Straps, Dog Collars, Shoes, Crafting - Non-Slip Rubber Handles, Safety Lock - Punching Tool with 6-Hole Head, 3 Spare Punch Plates

  • HANDY LEATHER PUNCHING TOOL - This leather puncher has ergonomically designed handles and a handle lock ring. Its double-section lever design also makes it easier to apply sufficient pressure and for powerful penetrability. It can also be bundled with our leather straps.
  • BUILT TO LAST - These leather punch tools are made from premium quality steel that is exceptionally strong and durable. Additionally, it also comes with 3 spare punch plates. It's a solid investment for any leather craft professional and artisan.
  •  PUNCH HOLES LIKE A PRO - Our punch hole tool for leather is equipped with sharp punches that create clean and precise holes through leather. It will give you expert-quality holes every time!
  • DIFFERENT SIZES FOR DIFFERENT NEEDS - Our leather hole puncher is equipped with 6 differently sized punches. No longer do you need to make do with holes that are either too big or too small!
  •  NO MORE SLIPPING - Our leather punch tool has non-slip handles to minimize any chances of slipping. You can press the levers as hard as you have to without fear of it flying out of your hands!

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