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Ritz Measuring Device (#RITZ)


Ritz Measuring Device (#RITZ)

The Ritz Stick, the most popular and well known shoe sizing instrument in America and abroad, was invented in 1914 by Oliver Ritz-Woller. He developed the Ritz Stick device under a government grant to standardize sizing for the U.S. Army. The measurements used on the Ritz Stick were compiled using a thousand actual fittings in order to determine how to correctly size for properly fitted shoes. Designed to quickly and accurately measure foot length and width, it was the first nationally recognized foot measure and set the standard for other foot measuring devices. Today the Ritz is still printed in its original method using turn of the century presses. Its design and production processes make it an extremely economical and durable tool, lasting many customers 20 or 30 years.

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