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Renia Syntic Vinyl Cement Quart (#RENSYNQ )


Renia Syntic Vinyl Cement Quart (#RENSYNQ )

MATERIALS: All materials used for repairing and producing shoes and boots like leather, rubber, EVA, thermoplastic rubber (TR), expanded rubber, PVC (Vinyl) , felt, cork, transparent materials, Perbunan-N, nylon etc. can be bonded to each other as well as to all upper materials

INSTRUCTIONS: Grind all materials and remove all grinding dust and fibres. Coat both sides with Renia – Syntic TOTAL until you can see a layer of cement. If necessary, apply a second coat to absorbent materials. TR (Thermoplastic Rubber): Apply Renia-Rehagol and coat after 15 minutes with Syntic TOTAL. PUR (Polyurethane): After grinding, press the material with absorbent paper to remove the water. Then coat it with a thin layer of Renia-Syntic TOTAL to reinforce very soft polyurethane. Apply another layer of adhesive on top of the dried first layer if necessary.

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