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Premium Hermann Oak Harness Leather Blank Strap, 100% Leather Strip.


Premium Hermann Oak Harness Leather Blank Strap, 100% Leather Strip.

  • IDEAL FOR SADDLE MAKING AND TACK REPAIR - We use this premium Hermann Oak Harness Leather to make our straps, pack saddle rigging, breeching and breastcollars in our saddle shop. This leather is also ideal for any leather-working project requiring a heavier weight leather. Leather workers often use this leather to craft beautiful pet collars, harnesses, leashes, belts, holster straps, gun belts or tool belts.
  • HAND-CUT AND FULLY FINISHED - Each strap is hand cut in our shop from the best part of the hide and then edged.
  • US TANNED US HIDES - The Hermann Oak Leather Company uses only Prime Grade Heavy U.S. Native Steer Hides in their St. Louis tannery. They know that quality leather begins with the best hides.
  • EXCEPTIONAL WEATHER RESISTANCE AND DURABILITY - Hermann Oak leather offers exceptional weather wear, thickness, ease of cutting, and durability, making this leather perfect for gear exposed to the elements.
  • PREMIUM, ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY PROCESS - Veg tanning is the most environmentally friendly process used today. Hermann Oak's company philosophy is to provide a safe environment for both our employees and our community. Not only do we strive to comply with all current federal and state environmental regulations, but we also anticipate future requirements. The largest used chemicals largest used are tannins, from tree bark, made by boiling the bark in the water (just as tea and coffee are made)

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