Pingle 7pcs Pro Adjustable Leather Stitching Groover Leather Edge Bevelers DIY Leathercraft Working Tools Sew Crease Leather Carving Cutting Edging Tools Leather Grooving Tool


This tool set edging, grooving, line pressing function in one, a multi-purpose, as long as the head can be simply replaced!

1 original edge beveler and 2 replace edge beveler tips width ?0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm

Use pressing line, groove, trimming and other functions can make your work more beautiful.

The edge of the knife head is sharp and it is labor-saving, but it should be noted that the trencher is only suitable for hard leather with good leather such as planting and tanning leather and mad horse leather.

Our product has been upgraded to M4 screw fixation, which is stronger than the previous M3 screw and will not cause looseness and sliding teeth.


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