Pedag Waterguard 5.7 Oz/250 ml


Pedag  Waterguard 5.7 Oz/250 ml 

Special Features of the Pedag Shoe Care Product, Water Guard: Powerful protection from water, dirt and stains Product can be used on most types of shoes including; smooth leather, nubuck & suede leathers, patent leather, oiled leather, textiles and even shoes made with Hi-Tech materials Will not leave deposits and shoe remains supple and breathable Colorless Directions: Test color fastness of the material on a hidden area before use. Do not apply if shoes are damp. Allow shoes to dry thoroughly. Spray evenly onto shoe from a distance of 30 cm or 12 inches. Allow to dry. If necessary polish leather again or brush up suede or nubuck leather. Apply regularly. Repetition improves waterproofing. Use in a well ventilated room.

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