Pedag Black Lady 3/4 Leather Insoles #PEDLADYB - One Pair


Pedag Black Lady 3/4 Leather Insoles #PEDLADYB - One Pair 

Insoles Leather 

The Pedag Black Lady Insoles are a leather 3/4-length insole for cushioned metatarsal arch support. They are thin and narrow, specifically for ladies pumps, high heels, slippers, and open toed shoes.The Pedag Black Lady 3/4-Length Leather Insoles provide comfortable padding to relax any feet. These cushioned metatarsal arch support insoles provide effective prevention and relief from “splayfoot”, optimally with soft padding for the whole forefoot. Splayfoot is a painful condition affecting the front of the foot —the forefoot. They will help support the metatarsal bones and keeps them in the anatomically correct position, thereby alleviating discomfort.


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