Wesco Boots Men’s Work Boots Black Leather Lineman 9716100 16″ height

  • Wesco ‘Highliner’ 9716100 Men’s Work Boots Black Leather Lineman #100 Vibram Sole 16″ height


  • If you do any kind of climbing in your line of work, the Wesco Men’s 9716100 Highliner Black Leather Lineman Boots are just for you. Climbers who need to depend on extra foot protection, superior quality, and comfort…your search stops here! And, why’s that? If you spend long hours standing on pegs or strap-on pegs to the men’s boots, you’ll know immediately! Climbers depend on the 1-inch heels, the hard toes, heavy steel shanks. The recessed metal breastplates found in the heels are also designed to protect your feet! The full grain leather uppers provide you with foot protection and comfort. The oil- tanned leather can be easily broken in allowing it to the mold to the shape of your feet. Sweat-resistant, full-leather insoles and midsoles add to the overall comfort of the Wesco boots. The additional side leather patches prevent wearing and tearing of the uppers as well. This premium footwear comes with heavy white stitching used for extra strength, solid brass studs, and eyelets that won’t bend – even the extras tell you something about the quality of these handcrafted leather boots. Just by looking at these premium boots, you’ll know that there is a superior quality about them that climbers all over the world have discovered. Exceptional design and craftsmanship are shown in every detail of the finished product. The West Coast Shoe Company/Wesco has been building its business of providing quality-made work footwear since 1911. Don’t waste your time and money buying anything of lesser quality…buy the best! The Wesco Men’s 9716100 Highliner Black 16-Inch Leather Lineman Boots have Vibram soles and heels. Order a pair of these Highliner boots today!

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