Maximilian Professional Neutral Shoe Polish & Shine Kit


Maximilian Professional Neutral Shoe Polish & Shine Kit

  • Perfect Gift: This compact leather shoe shine kit is perfect for every smart dressed or uniformed professional, traveling business executives or armed services members.
  • Deluxe shoe shine kit: Use this shoe cleaner kit for leather shoes to polish scuffs, condition deep scratches and cracks, and buff your shoes to an elegant gloss finish.
  • Neutral Shoe Polish Feature: Neutral Polish will clean, nourish and renovate fine leather. MAXILIAN’s cream polish formula has a high concentration of pigments to condition shoes to their original luster and shine, Suitable for your leather shoes, boots, wallets, all leather products.
  • Horsehair Brushes Feature:100% solid wood + 100% Horsehair Brush,For surface treatment polishing, Soft and corrosion resistant and does not damage leather shoes,good cleaning effect.

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