Manual Leather Skiver Leather Paring Device Machine Hand


Manual Leather Skiver Leather Paring Device Machine Hand

  • This machine is a simple device without complicated mechanisms or motors .Leather paring device kit, max 35mm width each time, the length no limited, cutting thickness no limited
  • Ability to par larger pieces of leather by running through the machine several times. * 3 additional interchangeable rollers (4mm, 8mm and 12mm)
  • ZONEPACK product with one year warranty, any questions, please feel free to contact our after sales team.
  • Convenient: no need to assemble, you can just use it when you receive it, and no need to grind the blade, which is a common shaver blade, can get it easily from your local shop
  • Well stability: precise structure much increases the accuracy of paring, it is stable and less effort during the skiving.It turns the paring of leather into a simple routine. It even makes it possible to pare leather for high precision demands, for instance leather on-lays. Suitable for flat skiving and beveled edges.

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