Leather Working Tools, Leather Kit with Instruction


Leather Working Tools, Leather Kit with Instruction

  • Compact Leather Tools Kit: It come with leather craft hand stitching sewing tool, including waxed thread, sewing needle kit, edge groover, awl, swivel knife, cutting mat, stitching groover, snaps and fasteners kit and other items that can meet your basic needs for your leather crafts.
  • Liquid Latex for Leather Making: Our liquid latex is easy to use, quick drying cement for leather as well as other materials. Super high strength bonding, yet safe and non toxic. Can be used with leather glue tool and applied in leather edging, bonding leather, great glue tool for arts, crafts and school projects.
  • Leather Stamps & Swivel Knife: Leather working tools set with 26 pieces most popular leather stamping tools, 1 pieces swivel carving knife, you can create your own patterns on the leather for wallets, handbags, belt etc. Make it more unique and beautiful.
  • Leather Starter Kit for Leathercraft: This basic leather making kit is a professional leather craft tools set,ideal for leather stamping, punching, sewing, carving, decorating gluing, edging grinding colouration.
  • Great Leather kit for Craft Men: Leather Repair Kit can meet your basic needs for sewing different leather, canvas, fabric, denim, tarpaulin, paper or other projects. Very suitable for beginner and proficient. It's a perfect choice for small gifts to family, friends especially for DIY hand stitching lovers. This will be a unique and unexpected Father's Day gift.

Package includes:

1 x awl

1 x hammer

2 x button

1 x thimble

1 x scissors

2 x sewing awl

1 x liquid glue

1 x plastic mat

1 x cutting mat

4 x prong punch

3 x wool daubers

1 x swivel knife

2 x fingerstalls

5 x frosted strip

4 x flat wax ropes

26 x stamping tool

2 x plastic glue tool

1 x soft tape measure

1 x snaps and rivets kit

1 x leather edge beveler

1 x stainless steel ruler

19 x repair sewing needles

2 x wood slicker burnishes

1 x edger creaser skiving tool

1 x adjustable stitching groover

1 x pressure tooth tool distance of 2 mm

1 x pressure tooth tool distance of 4 mm

How to use liquid latex for leather craft making?

Our leather liquid glue is easy to use, high strength bonding for leather, cloth, chipboard and paper projects.

Directions for using:

1.Make sure surfaces to be joined are clean and dry.

2.Spread a thin, even layer of Leather Weld on one or both surfaces. Adhere together while glue is still wet.

3.Continue to apply pressure to joined surfaces until glue has dried.

Satisfaction Guarantee:

We have put all the accessories in the package, so you don't have to worry about what accessories you will lack. Please feel free to contact us if you have any problem before, during and after your purchase, we support lifelong consultation and customer service.


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