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Leather Square (10 x 18 in.) for Crafts Tooling Hobby Workshop


Leather Square (10 x 18 in.) for Crafts Tooling Hobby Workshop 

  • NATURAL, DURABLE, STURDY LEATHER: This split piece of leather is supple yet durable and perfect for your tooling, carving, upholstery, arts and crafts and molding. Made with the highest quality of leather, this leather square has got the perfect thickness for crafting journal and notebook covers, creating small cases for your electronics. Great for key fobs, moccasins, billfold backs, masks, belt and purse linings, inlays, patches for repairs and much more.
  • AMPLE SIZE, 1.8MM THICK AND LIGHT WEIGHT: This piece of leather measures at 10” X 18” and is approximately 1.8mm thick. It’s the perfect size for all your repairing and tooling needs.
  • UNIFORM COLOR: The rich color strongly permeates throughout the leather, which is a reliable mark of high-quality, Full Grain Leather. The finish is smooth with a slight sheen. The leather is embossed on the sheen side of the grain, leaving an attractive effect. For best results and guaranteed satisfaction, ALWAYS purchase from Hide & Drink – other companies claim to sell our products, but we have discovered that they are selling inferior leather under our name.
  • NO HOLES OR UNQUESTIONABLE MARKS: This leather is the highest in quality that you can find, this isn’t scrap or leftover leather, this is Full Grain, high-quality leather that is cut with you in mind.

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