Leather for Crafts Scraps Upholstery Leather


Leather for Crafts Scraps Upholstery Leather 

  • Excellent Quality Leather & 1 Genuine Snakeskin Piece 2" x 4 + 1 Genuine leather ornament in the shape of a hide By Abe Leather Inc . "This package comes with an authentic Abraham Leather sticker along with its weight.
  • These are scrap pieces from a reputable leather upholstery shop. This will be the dream for the arts & crafts class.
  • Perfect for any upholstery application, cases and small bags, book covers, leather garment trims, fringes, chokers, bookmarks, handle wraps, doll clothing, pouch, wallet, wristbands, watchbands, and small accessories
  • It's soft, supple and strong. the average size of a piece is about 2 Square Feet misshaped, Mixture mostly of standard colors, 85% the size of a hand up to 3 sq. Ft.
  • The pieces are packed randomly. We cannot take pictures of each Piece separately. The picture above is from this lot. Please note: we try our best to adjust the lighting to acquire the right color of each item. However as with all digital photos, colors may vary from computer to computer

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