Leather Burnishing Polishing Machine 0-10000RPM


 Leather Burnishing Polishing Machine 0-10000RPM 

  • It can only be used in 220-230 voltage! So you need a transformer to convert 110v voltage to 220v voltage. Under 220v voltage, the surging 450w will be completely released. 450W ultra-high power-compared with the conventional 150w, the edging efficiency is improved by more than 40-60%.
  • Stable high speed at 10,000 rpm-self weight about 3kg, low center of gravity design makes it very stable during operation. Even if the maximum power is used, it can be stable as a rock.
  • Rich accessories-external flexible shaft device, giving a wider angle needs to have more functions to expand applications. Straighten the flexible shaft as much as possible to prolong the service life.
  • Multiple functions-from tabletop to hand-held, cutting, grinding, engraving ... all can be achieved.
  • EU certification safety standard-220-230V voltage is available, anti-breaking, anti-misopening, anti-splashing, anti-leakage.

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