Kouik | 12PCS Shoe Polish Care Kit


Kouik | 12PCS Shoe Polish Care Kit

Kouik shoe shine kit has an assortment of products ideal for emergency shoe cleaning, polishing and buffing tasks. Perfect choice for anyone who is in need of a quality shining brush, shoe cream applicator brush, buffing cloth and glove. A portable storage bag made from leather is offered for a practical solution to contain all products. Multiple tools help you care the shoes .
Excellent shoe care set leather boots, military shoes, outdoor hiking shoes, hunting footwear, work shoes, sports shoes, formal or fashion footwear and law enforcement shoes. Perfect for keeping your leather shoes shined. Perfect for military, business and personal travels—just pu it in your luggage to keep your shoes clean and classy on the road.
Enclosed in a sturdy PU leather case, this classic shoe shine kit is lightweight, compact and portable.This shoe shine kit includes two wooden brushes, neutral, black and brown wax polishes, a buffing cloth, a shoe horn, and shine sponges.

Package include:

Premium PU Leather Case
1 Polish Applicator Brush
1 Buffing Brush
1 Buffing Cloth
2 Shine Sponges
2 Neutral shoe polish cream
1 Brown shoe polish cream
1 Black shoe polish cream
1 Mini Shoe Horn
1 Handle brush
1 Buffing glove

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