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Kaps | Nubuck & Suede Shoe Dye


Kaps | Nubuck & Suede Shoe Dye

Suede and nubuck can fade and loose color over time. It happens. With Kaps Nubuck and Suede Dye you don’t have to worry anymore since you can bring the color back hassle-free. For nubuck and suede only

FIX OR CHANGE COLOR: With Kaps Nubuck & Suede Dye you can fix or patch the existing color that has faded or you can recolur shoes entirely. Keep in mind that if you want to change the color completely it is possible if you dye from bright to dark (for example beige to navy blue). It won’t be possible to dye from dark to bright (from black to white)

LOVELY PERMANENT COLORS: Comes in many colors that won’t fade or wear off for long. Check product pallete and chose your best match

WITH BRUSH: Comes with brush that makes application as easy as possible. 1 bottle contains 50 ml – 1.70 fl. oz. See product description for how to use instructions

LEGACY: Manufactured in Europe by a family business with decades of experience in leather dyes and care

APPLICATION METHOD: Brush the shoes to remove dust and dirt. Shake the bottle. Apply the dye with the application brush. If necessary, apply a second coating. Let it dry for 12 hours. Brush with a nubuck and suede brush. 1 bottle is enough to dye a pair of shoes or small boots. If the suede is extremely thick and absorbs a lot of dye, then two bottles might be necessary.

Color: Pink

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