Kaps | Leather Balm Conditioner for Shoes


Kaps | Leather Balm Conditioner for Shoes 

Balsam based on natural waxes and oils.
Cleans and nourishes all kinds of smooth leather.
Keeps leather soft and flexible.

  • QUALITY CARE: Revives and provides nourishment, brings back to life, makes soft and supple
  • FOR LEATHER: For all leathers except for nubuck and suede. Great for smooth, grained, aniline and patent leather
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Based on natural organic wax and oils
  • EASY APPLICATION: Handy bottle with pump nozzle. 1 bottle contains 125 ml - 4.22 oz
  • HOW TO USE: First wipe dirt and dust off the leather with a damp cloth. Then apply balm with an applicator brush or cloth. Leave for 20 minutes. Buff now to shine and enjoy. Great for bags, shoes, jackets, belts, saddles and other leather accessories
Color: Neutral / Transparent / Colourless

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