Huberds Shoe Grease 7.5 Oz (#HSG)


Huberd's Shoe Grease

The original beeswax treatment known for its superior ability to waterproof and preserve leather. Time-tested effectiveness to renew leather and extend the life of boots, shoes, and all fine leathers. Huberd's will not cause yellowing, stretching or deterioration of threads or leave a sticky residue.

  • WATERPROOFS: Protects your leather from water damage and keeps your feet dry.
  • SOFTENS: Restores old leather to a soft, supple condition and keeps it pliable.
  • CONDITIONS: Revitalizes and replenishes essential oils to help prevent drying.

 Huberd's Shoe Grease is the perfect treatment for your footwear, but Huberd's is great for leather even if it's not on your feet. Our products are amazing on saddle and tack, sporting equipment, and apparel. A little grease also keeps your wood handled tools from drying and splintering. We've created a loyal following for nearly a 100 years for good reason.

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