Homemade Hand Sanitizier Recipes for organic lotions made by eco friendly ingredients Guide to produce DIY hand sanitizer for personal hygiene and save money


Are you tired to buy expensive soaps at supermarket?

Would you like to learn how to produce natural hygienic products ?

Would you be interested in a complete guide for DIY and eco-friendly soaps?

Then keep reading!

"Homemade soap making" is the book that shows you the fastest recipes to produce homemade soaps and hand sanitizers for your family!

These green products have the same cleaning power and sanitizing action of other common products but they are eco-friendly and non-polluting at all!

In this book you can find:

- 4 Important facts to know about Hand Sanitizer

- The importance of cleaning your hands properly

- 6 new recipes with new totally naturally and eco-friendly ingredients

- How to save more than 50$ per week producing a special soap in the comfort-zone of your home

- Step by step guide to wash clothes with natural ingredients

You are going to realize how fantastic is producing own soaps, even if you are a complete beginner!

Enjoy learning new recipes, grasp the basics of personal hygiene and benefit from the natural essence of your soaps.

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