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Guard Plastic Plates Size #6A - 2 3/8" (100pairs) #GP6A


Guard Plastic Plates Size #6A - 2 3/8" (100pairs) #GP6A

We included word "Plastic" in the in the title just as a search term so you can find our item. Polyurethane Self Adhesive Heel and Toe Plates - Polyurethane w/nails!The Guard and Traveler polyurethane heel and toe plates are molded for long durability, non slip and non marking protection for life extension of shoe heels and toes. Most people tend to quickly wear the outside edge of the shoe heels, by adding the plates, the plates must wear out before any wear begins on the heel.The plates are available in 8 different sizes, in black or clear and with or without self applied adhesive. Most plates have countersunk holes for use with small nails. Select plates have indention for use with commercial staples. You will get appropriate nails size with chosen heel plate size.

Color: Charcoal Gray

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