Goodyear #GY148 Orlando Lug Full Soles - One Pair


Goodyear #GY148 Orlando Lug Full Soles - One Pair

Goodyear has been manufacturing Shoe Components from more than 40 years; they do offer innovation and creativity that is clearly reflected in their product “Goodyear Orlando Lug Full Rubber Sole”. These soles will work excellent on outdoor, work or casual shoes, now you don’t need to worry about the Sole quality or durability. These soles comprises of extraordinary features and benefits like: 1. Long Day wearing 2. Excellent Quality Rubber Material 3. The soles are Anti-Slip 4. Increased comfort 5. Better Durability 6. Superb Shock Absorption 7. Professional Grade Sole replacement (non adhesive) 8. Easy to fit 9. Best performance in all weather conditions 10. Maximum traction on wet/dry surfaces and terrains.

Colour: Black

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