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Get Started in Leather Crafting Step by Step Techniques and Tips for Crafting Success Design Originals Beginner Friendly Projects, Basics of Leather Preparation, Tools, Stamps, Embossing, & More


Discover leather crafting, an enjoyable craft that lasts a lifetime!

Must-have guide for working with leather

Beginner-friendly to help you get started, and a concise reference for experienced leather artists

Learn essential techniques with comprehensive presentations of the basics of leather preparation, how to use stamps, punches, cutters, & other tools, coloring, applying finishes, and assembly

Learn skills & tips from crafting experts from forming, moulding, & embossing to creative stitching, lacing, & braiding

Step-by-step with color photos, including a traditional floral carving project

Historic, classic, creative, and fun, leather crafting is a craft for all ages! Whether you are just a beginner looking to get started, or an experienced leather artist in need of a concise reference, Get Started in Leathercrafting is your guide to an enjoyable craft that lasts a lifetime.

Master leather artisans Tony and Kay Laier introduce you to the basics of leather preparation, and show you how to use stamps, punches, cutters, and other essential tools. They provide expert tips on edge finishing methods, and take you step-by-step through a traditional floral carving project.

From forming, moulding, and embossing leather to creative stitching, lacing, and braiding, this book will teach you the skills you'll need to make beautiful belts, wallets, purses, holsters, cases, jewelry, home accessories, and more. Get started leather crafting with confidence!


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