FootFitter Executive Travel Shoe Shine Kit


FootFitter Executive Travel Shoe Shine Kit

We put together the FootFitter Travel Shine Kit for those who find having options is a necessity when on-the-go. This kit includes two FootFitter Stencil Dauber Brushes, one FootFitter Large Horsehair Brush, 2 tins of FootFitter shoe polish, One FootFitter shine cloth, a FootFitter Shoe Horn and a sleek, black FootFitter carrying bag. Now that your shoe care essentials are spoken for, it's up to you to choose which shoes make the trip!

  • Wood
  • TRAVEL SHOE SHINE KIT: All the essentials in one FootFitter Travel Bag.
  • ONE LARGE BRUSH: Bristles are made of 100% horse hair and sewn into a hardwood handle.
  • TWO STENCIL DAUBERS: Made to reach the nooks and crannies of shoes without taking up space.
  • TWO SHOE POLISH TINS: This set features one black and one brown FootFitter shoe polish.
  • SHINE CLOTH / SHOE HORN: Microfiber shine cloth and stainless steel shoe horn!

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