Rosenthal Collection

Engraving Block Engraving Block Ball Vise Set Jewelry Engraving Ball with Pins 34 Pcs with Rubber Base


FEATURES: 360 Degree Hemisphere Rotation for More Flexible Operation. Deep Throated Jaws are Closed and Opened by Smooth Operating Center Screw. Spherical Diameter 5" Inches, Weight: 20 LB.

INCLUDES: Supplied Complete with Set of Attachments, Key, Rubber Pad, Quality Wooden Organizer, and Extra Set of Ball Bearings.

Turn-Table Revolves on Bearings Eliminating Side Shake, Yet Responsive to the Slightest Touch.

HIGH QUALITY: Engraving Block Made of Heavy Duty Metal.

Very Popular and Extensively Used By Jewelers Worldwide!


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