Electric Shoe Polisher, Viiwuu Upgrade Shine Kit Polisher


Electric Shoe Polisher, Viiwuu Upgrade Shine Kit Polisher 

I. The Electric Shoe Polisher is designed for the urban white-collar workers, elites from all walks of life, business people; Providing quick, easy and clean care for all kinds of leather shoes, leather bags and other leather care.
II. The Electric Shoe Brush adopts humanized design, mobile phone charger and car charger can be charged. The product can be placed in the home shoe cabinet, placed in the office, and easy carried on the trip.Diversified use scenarios.
III. The Electric Shoe Shine Kit uses high-speed pure copper motor and high-performance lithium battery to ensure the service life of the product. It can work for 1.5 hours when fully charged for 5.5 hours. Lithium batteries have self-consumption characteristics. If it is not used frequently, it should be charging once a month.

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