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Clean My Sole | Waterproof Spray Rain and Stain Repellent


Clean My Sole | Waterproof Spray Rain and Stain Repellent 

  • KEEP THEM LOOK NEW AND FRESH FOREVER - Super Hydrophobic Water, Rain & Stain Guard Provides an invisible super Nano protective coating that repels most liquids, stains to help keep surface clean and dry. Water, mud, dust, grime; they all slide off, requiring little to no time and effort for cleaning your shoes.
  • SUPER HYDROPHOBIC NANO TECHNOLOGY - Our revolutionary Spray uses Nano Technology Coating on surfaces within the Nano Meter Scale in order to improve functionality or prevent harmful effects of external factors such as Water or Stains
  • MULTI FUNCTIONAL BENEFITS - Once applied on the product it alters the surface energy of the materials to have the following benefits: Super Hydrophobic/hydrophilic/oleophobic characteristics that bead or repel liquids, Resistance for stain, scratch, hazardous chemicals and corrosion, Reduction of wear/abrasion, Prevention of bacterial growth, UV/IR irradiation, Breathable Comfort
  • INSTANT REPELLENT WITH LONGER LASTING COATING - Quick Dry time Cures Within 10-20 minutes. For everyday use of up to 6-8 Weeks, for storage only up to 18 months. 

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