Capri Tools

Capri Tools Professional 1.4 inch Letter and Number Stamp Set, 36 Piece


Make precise and refined imprints on leather, wood, copper, brass, aluminum and mild steel

Premium Chrome Vanadium steel with differential heat treatment to achieve optimal performance and durability. 62 HRC hard stamping end produces high quality imprints and keeps the edges sharp. 42 HRC tough hammering end excels at absorbing repeated hammer strikes and maintaining durability

Large, true-to-size, and precisely machined 1/4 in. letters/numbers

Find the right stamp and orientation easily with engraved sizing and letter identification on the front side of each stamp

Includes 36 stamps: letters A-Z in uppercase, the ampersand &, and numbers 0-9 (interchangeable stamp for numbers 6 and 9). Comes in two heavy-duty storage cases for letters and numbers, respectively


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