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Bickmore Cream Shoe Polish | Black


Bickmore Cream Shoe Polish | Black

Bring your leather footwear to a brilliant hi-gloss shine! Bickmore is proud to offer the highest quality creme polish available. Our full line of polishes are formulated to provide your leather with a beautiful finish without compromising its breathability. Bickmore produces their full line of leather care products in the United States of America!

  • Pull On closure
  • BRING YOUR LEATHER FOOTWEAR TO A BRILLANT HI-GLOSS SHINE - Bickmore Cream Polishes provide a beautiful finish in a variety of colors.
  • NOURISHING FORMULA - Our Polishes are specially formulated to restore and preserve the naturally occurring oils in your leather without compromising its breathability.
  • FILLS DEEP SCRATCHES & BUFFS OUT IMPERFECTIONS - Scratches and scuffs on your favorite leather boots and shoes are inevitable with regular wear. Bickmore Cream Polish covers imperfections and makes leather boots and shoes look like new.
  • LONG LASTING FORMULA - You will find that your leather boots and shoes require less frequent maintenance with Bickmore Cream Polish. Our formula starts with the highest quality ingredients that result in a longer lasting, more durable finish for your footwear.

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