Angelus Glitterlites Paint 1 Oz (#Anglit)


Angelus Glitterlites Paint 1 Oz (#Anglit)

Angelus Glitterlites add a clean glitter coat that you can paint on. No more glue, no more mess! Just mix well and apply to a clean surface. Our Ice Ice Blue Glittercoat works great on any project that needs an extra sparkle. 

  • Made in USA
  • Perfect leather paint to glitz it up for a variety of special occasions
  • Great on tennis shoes, leather boots, purses, jackets, vinyl shoes and so much more
  • Water based acrylic for easy clean up with wet cloth before dried
  • Can be used for mesh, cotton and laces when mixed with 2-Thin
  • Will not peel, crack, or rub off when dry
Color: Candy Pink

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