Cobbler's Choice

All-Natural Leather Cream | Restores and Protects Smooth Leather


All-Natural Leather Cream | Restores and Protects Smooth Leather 

The Cobbler's Choice Leather Cream is made with 100% All-Natural Ingredients including triple filtered beeswax, a unique blend of seed oils, and naturally occuring lipids. The Triple Filtered Beeswax restores dry and cracked leather while applying a safe protective layer over the leather to protect it from the elements. The unique blend of seed oils and naturally occuring lipids provide a deep condition to the leather helping restore any dry, cracked, and scratched parts of the leather. Easy application, Directions on back of label. Keep your footwear looking good for years to come with the Cobbler's Choice Leather Cream.

  • CONDITIONS & RESTORES LEATHER -- Our unique blend of seed oils and triple filtered beeswax provide a deep and rejuvinating condition onto the leathers surface while our naturally occuring lipids help penetrate the pores of the leather to offer an even deeper condition.
  • PROTECTS LEATHER -- The triple filtered beeswax provides a layer of defense over the leathers surface making it water resistant. The Leather Cream is dual effective, it conditions and protects your leather from the elements for wherever the day takes you.
  • Formulated with All Natural Ingredients -- We pride in our All-Natural Leather Cream. Made with ingredients that are safe for both you and your leather -- Cobbler's Choice is the brand trusted by experts for unbeatable quality and clean ingredients.
  • Easy to use; Directions on Label 1) Clean dirt, build-up, and other surface contaminants before applying. 2) Apply a small amount onto a dry cloth and work into leather using a circular motion. 3) Let Dry for one hour. Repeat process as needed.

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