Aged Leather Pros

Aged Leather Pros | Leather Conditioner Lotion


Aged Leather Pros | Leather Conditioner Lotion

  • PROTECT YOUR LEATHER FROM THE ELEMENTS with our leather dressing. A rich lotion conditioner that is easily absorbed and deeply restores your aged leather.
  • SAY GOODBYE TO YOUR DRY CRACKED LEATHER by softening, strengthening, moisturizing, promoting flexibility and leaving your leather feeling and looking beautiful!
  • USE ON A VARIETY OF LEATHER GOODS: Great for furniture, cars, couches, handbags, boots, & all other leather items.
  • RESTORES NEGLECTED LEATHER while deeply conditioning and buffs to a beautiful shine, leaving your leather to last a lifetime
  • HANDMADE IN THE USA in small batches with all natural plant-based ingredients to ensure prefect product quality and integrity

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