9 PCS Half-Round Cutter Punch(3-40mm) with 3 PCS


9 PCS Half-Round Cutter Punch(3-40mm) with 3 PCS Wood Slicker Burnishes Leather Craft Tools Leather Hole Punch for Crafting Strap Belt, Wallet and Bag.

  • Practical Combination: Our half-round cutter punch comes with 3 pcs burnishing tool, a hollow punch set is made of hardened carbon steel, leather hollow punch features durable sharpness, half-round cutting edge, easy to use.
  • 9 Sizes for Easy Use: 3mm, 8mm, 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, 35mm, 40mm. Metal hollow punch set is suitable for falconry, hobbies, crafts, modeling, home repair etc. when making purses, file packages, vinyl or any custom leather work.
  • 3 PCS Wood Edge Slicker: The burnishing tool features 4 grooves that accommodate leather edges of varying thickness, tapering to a point to finish holes and tight corners. Add sleek, professional edge finishes to belts, holsters and saddles. Ideal for small curved that are often hard to reach.
  • Unique Handle: Unique handle design, exquisite appearance, sharp prong and strong hardness, with handles that are not easy to fall off, they are more exquisite, sharp.
  • Easy to Use: Hollow punch set easy to use by placing gasket hole punch over the area that needs a hole and hit the back end with a hammer, making distinctive artistic and aesthetics effects on leather with different patterns punchers. Applied for punching holes on leather, watch, band, gasket belt, shoe, handbags, clothing, jacket or poster-board, etc.

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