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5 LBS Black English Bridle Leather Scraps


5 LBS Black English Bridle Leather Scraps

  • LEATHER WITH A RICH FEEL - Drum-dyed and hot-stuffed, this leather has been nourished and conditioned with unrefined oils and greases - without the use of water and emulsifiers. Hot-stuffed leathers exhibit good water resistance.
  • LARGE PIECES WITH A BEAUTIFUL SHEEN FINISH - This is a 5 pound assortment of 8-10 oz English Bridle leather in generous sizes with a variety of shapes. No need to dye or finish.
  • VEGETABLE TANNED - Environmentally conscious, no toxic chemicals used in the labor intensive curing process.
  • GREAT FOR DIY AND CRAFTING - This leather molds well! Perfect for making holsters, sheaths, dog collars, tack repair, smaller journals, cuffs, conchos, rosettes, bracelets, anklets, inlays and various other projects.
  • GREAT VALUE - The pieces are hand picked with you and your projects in mind. Many companies sell scrap bags with just plain unusable pieces in their scrap bags. Our leather scrap bags give you virtually unlimited design options for a bargain.

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