4MySneakers | Sneaker Care Kit


4MySneakers | Sneaker Care Kit 

Clean your kicks the quick and easy way with 4MySneakers' Sneaker Care Kit.

With our Shoe Cleaner (100ml spray bottle) solution, you just have to spray it onto your shoe evenly, brush off the dirt, and wipe off the residue. The Shoe Cleaner is infused with a dirt-dissolving agent and a whitening enzyme that can break up tough stains and stubborn grime.

Our Waterproof Agent (150ml), on the other hand, uses nanotechnology to create a protective film over your sneakers, shielding them against all types of liquid, such as coffee, tea, soda, oil, or random street puddles.

Lastly, the Deodorizer solution (150ml), which relies on natural plant extracts, eliminates odor-causing compounds to leave your shoes smelling brand new in no time. Our sneaker care kit is made portable in a stylish and durable EVA carrying bag that fits all your shoe cleaning essentials perfectly.

  • Comes with 2 soft towels and a long-necked shoe brush
  • Safe on all types of shoe materials such as rubber, leather, fabric, textile, suede, canvas, or gamuza
  • Double-sealed bottles prevent leakage during delivery

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