489Pcs Leather Working Tools Kit with Instructions


489Pcs Leather Working Tools Kit with Instructions

  • Super Comprehensive Leather Crafting Kit : This 489pcs complete leathercraft tools for beginner/professional, you can use them for every process of leather making, like leather stamping, belt making, bookbinding, sewing, leather craft DIY, leather working, leather punching.
  • Practical Leather Sewing Tools Set : Various DIY tools are great for leather crafts projects. Including 4pcs flat wax thread, 19pcs leather sewing needle, adjustable groove, leather stitching spacer, get this kit you could start leather working and sewing.
  • Leather Craft Carving Tools : Swivel knife, leather stamp kits, half-round cutter, punch tools, edge dye roller, wool daubers, and nylon hammer, art carving knife, these leather tools enable you to create rich leather pieces.
  •  Leather Tools Storage Box and Manual : A tools box case is deep, detachable compartments provide plenty of places for storing leather working tools and supplies, convenient for going anyplace with leather craft tools. The manual make you control how to use various tools in short time.
  • Large Leather Crafting Kit : A good size for beginners and professionals, because it can stimulate your passion for leather making. You can use this leather craft kit to complete your first leather project.

489 Pcs Leather Kit Includes

1 x Belt

2 x Ruler

2 x Thimble

2 x Scissors

1 x Beeswax

1 x Keychain

3 x Belt Head

1 x Tools Box

1 x Hammers

1 x Cutting Mat

1 x Instructions

1 x Art Knife Kit

1 x Swivel Knife

4 x Prong Punch

1 x Seam Ripper

5 x Pottery Tools

2 x Punching Mat

1 x Leather Roller              

40 x Roller Buckle

1 x Flat Nose Plier

2 x Scraping Plate

1 x Solid Wood Awl

1 x Edge Dye Roller

4 x Flat Wax Ropes

5 x Leather Nail Files

19 x Sewing Needles

5 x Belt template DIY

6 x Hollow Hole Punch

1 x Leather Cutting Knife

20 x Stamping Punch Tools

7 x Half-round Cutter Punch

5 x Wool Daubers Ball Brush

1 x Adjustable Edger Creaser

1 x 2 Ways Leather Glue Tool

1 x Rotating Wing Divider Caliper

6 x Hole Hollow Punch Cutter Set

1 x 7 in 1Adjustable Stitching Groover

3 x Leather Edge Wood Slicker Burnishes

4 x Oval Shape Leather Craft Hole Punch Sets

1 x Leather Skiving Tool (3* Replacement Blades)

1 x Log Pressure Cloth Tooth Tool Distance of 2 mm

1 x Black Pressure Cloth Tooth Tool Distance of 4 mm

1 x Copper Taper Shank(2pcs straight needles +1pcs hook needle)

324 x Assorted Installation tools Kit ( Snap Fasteners Kit, leather rivets kit, eyelets and grommets)

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