33 PCS Leather Stamping Tool Set, 32 PCS Leather Stamps Patterns + 1 Stamping Handle for Leather Craft, Quality Leather Craft Tool Stamp Set for DIY Beginners and Professionals


Basic Information: 32 pcs pattern leather stamps + 1 stamping steel punch tool, which can complete symbol marking in a few seconds. It is convenient to use and store these tools. The design of stamping on leather is simple and fun.

Reliable Material: Leather stamping kit is made of good quality metal. with a strong impact and longer service life, it can provide you with a stronger brand and more accurate display.

Unique patterns: Leather stamps carving patterns that conform to people's aesthetics and have various fashion elements. Each engraved pattern is very novel. You can apply it to your leather handmade DIY work to make your work more individual and exquisite. The leather stamps are precision processed.

Scope of Application: Leather stamping tools are suitable for the embellishment of handmade leather jackets, bags, shoes, belts, wallets, watches wristbands, and other crafts. It is also suitable for vegetable tanned leather with a thickness of more than 1.5mm. Excellent tool for leather craft professionals and amateurs.

How to Use: Before working, soak the leather with a wet sponge, then hit the end of the handle with a hammer and control the force to avoid ghosting or surface damage or injury to yourself. Be careful when using it!


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