2Pcs. Leather Edge Dye Tool,Ebony Wood Handle


2Pcs. Leather Edge Dye Tool,Ebony Wood Handle, Double Bearing configure for Smooth Rolling.Edge Dye Roller Leather Edge Oil Printing Tool for Leather Craft Working.

  • OWDEN 2Pcs Leather edge paint tool set, We have prepared 2 tools to save your purchase cost. You can also let your family and friends experience the fun of handmade.
  • The head of this tool is made of stainless steel, The handle is made of hard and smooth ebony wood. Two parts are connected by double bearings and fixed with brass.
  • Reduce wastage of leather dyes and paints with this efficient edge painter tool.
  • The smoothness of the dual bearings will also help smooth and stable operation.
  • Durable stainless steel parts also save you from worrying about rust and greatly enhance the durability of the product. The ebony handle will also give you an excellent feel!

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