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#10 Slider Locking (Metal) for three units #10S


#10 Slider Locking (Metal) for three units  #10S

Slider Black Metal Single Locking Pull is specifically designed for use with Vislon Continuous Zipper Chain. This zipper slider features a low profile and a locking mechanism designed to grip the zipper chain to keep the slider from moving until the pull tab is tugged. These zipper sliders are specially designed to resist corrosion and UV rays. Single pull sliders can only be opened from one side. 


  • Coil zippers are made from a plastic coil sewn to the zipper tape.
  • You can make the zippers for your crafts, clothing, costume decorating and so on
  • Left Handed Zipper
  • Coil zippers are stronger and more flexible
Color: Black

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